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“Sign up pick a domain name click a button or two and BAM: you have a full fledge membership site. I just love it!”

“I am not a techy guy at all, so when i heard about member snap and how you can have a membership site up in about a minute I had to check it out. All I had to do was sign up pick a domain name click a button or two and BAM: you have a full fledge membership site fully loaded with graphic's, sales letter and everything and anything you need.

It keeps track of all your members and all sales as well.It is very easy to use basically if you can click,copy and paste you can use member snap.

I've even been able to sell the sites I created in MemberSnap. I've already flipped 15 sites in just my first 3 weeks. I just love it!”
~ Jeff Escow

“The quality of the sites is phenomenal”

“I have 8 Membersnap Sites and they have really been a "Snap" to set up. The quality of the sites is phenomenal, and I love it that each option represents a really great business niche!”
~ Cinda Justice

Originally Posted by Maria Gudelis

"off the charts drop dead SIMPLE to use."

We got access to this (Tina Williams & I) and off the charts drop dead SIMPLE to use. We already gave it to our staff to start implementing! We love the dashboard, we love how you (and we're doing this and YOU should too) integrate it to social media. Plus...heck...I've been buying from Eric Louviere for EONS!!!! Great to see this as a WSO y'all! Don't wait - grab it now you'd be crazy not to!
- Maria Gudelis
Originally Posted by erinabatchutski
" I have 11 customers already and getting 200% of my investment."

Thanks a lot for giving us an insight about membership site. Actually, I have purchased this few days ago and now implementing it. So far I have 11 customers already and getting 200% of my investment. I strongly recommend guys that you try this out. It really works!
- erinabatchutski

Originally Posted by WinnersKeepScore

"This is to good to be true! crazy!"

ok...hyper ventilating in....3...2....1! This is to good to be true! crazy! Thanks to the product creators...Bill & Co. Winners!
- WinnersKeepScore

Originally Posted by tywonf
"This is a genius of a product."

This is a genius of a product. It is Albert Einstein meets Internet Marketing! There is no way not to see the value of this product.
- tywonf
Originally Posted by resellkits

"Only took 3 min. according to my watch"

I purchased this and have already setup my first membership site. Only took 3 min. according to my watch. I think I'm going to enjoy this!
- resellkits
Originally Posted by DeirderZ

"Thank You for this great WSO"

Thank You for this great WSO. I am going to really get somewhere now!
- DeirderZ
Originally Posted by Tim Atkinson

"This gets the Tim Atkinson seal of Boom! "

I truly believe this is the best "push button" membership software I've ever seen. There is nothing like this around at this price. Membership sites should be the foundation of your Internet Marketing business. This gets the Tim Atkinson seal of Boom! Take action warriors- This type of offer rarely comes around on the WF. Thanks Bill and the Job Crusher team for putting this great offer together. Cheers!

- Tim Atkinson
Originally Posted by Todd Gross
"the full-blown niche membership site was done in well under 30 seconds"

Bill, I wanted to let you know that I had done a demo video of Membersnap yesterday, so I could give folks a heads-up - AND ironically, when I was editing the video, I was forced to notice how long (or rather...NOT long) the site-setup took.. Listen to this: You and I were rambling, for about 4 minutes of the video, but the ACTUAL SITE SETUP took barely more than 20 seconds! I'm sure there are other features that require more time and study, but the full-blown niche membership site was done in well under 30 seconds as advertised
- Todd Gross
Originally Posted by losttreasure

"You are astounded by the value of this WSO once inside"

Purchased ..... A "no brainier". You are astounded by the value of this WSO once inside the members area. Recommendation... GO FOR IT!.


- losttreasure
Originally Posted by Abhi1

"This is THE most simplest membership system I've ever seen."

This is THE most simplest membership system I've ever seen. I'm all over this. Super pumped about it...great job team...
- Abhi1
Originally Posted by KevinHDavis
"Membership sites truly are the best way to make money month after month."

Membership sites truly are the best way to make money month after month. I have used all kinds of membership solutions over the years, and none of them were anywhere near this price! One member joining your membership site pays for the cost of a year of MemberSnap. At Social Traffic Lab, we sell apps here on WF, but our true goal and business is to introduce Warriors to our memberships because that is where we actually make most of our money from our launches. Month after month, about 30% of our revenue comes from recurring memberships. If you have ever even thought about starting a membership site, this WSO is for you.
- KevinHDavis

Originally Posted by Ron Jones

"you'd be a fool to pass this up"

are you serious now? dang guys...you knocked it outta the park...this stuff rocks, everyone knows about the pure power about membership sites, they are moneymakers...and this software is as pushbutton as it can be...are you going to sit there and wait?...im not...thanks guys awesome stuff you got here...
- Ron Jones

Originally Posted by Brad Gosse

This looks perfect for something we are cooking. Slick
- Brad Gosse

Originally Posted by Lester Lim
"It's the best membership platform I have ever seen"

It's the best membership platform I have ever seen and coming from the Crusher Crew, the quality should never be in doubt. Brain-dead simple to use even for the super non-techies (like me lol). And at the current price? SNAP IT UP already!
- Lester Lim

Originally Posted by stuff2
"I have got to get this."

I have got to get this. Thanks Bill and your team for making starting a membership site a snap at a great price. I am on budget I am so sick of buying stuff that did not work out for me, but this sound like a no brainier. I am going right now to buy.
- stuff2

Originally Posted by EasyTrader
"Wow......this is a complete no brainer!"

Wow......this is a complete no brainer! So much value and potential with your membership software that I scooped it up immediately, is it possible to PM me the upgrade links since I mistakenly clicked out before buying. It would be nice to have the upgrade links included in the members area for itchy fingers such as myself and others! Thanks for offering this WSO,
- EasyTrader

Originally Posted by Rodrigo Werner
"this software is as pushbutton as it can be"

are you serious now? dang guys...you knocked it outta the park...this stuff rocks, everyone knows about the pure power about membership sites, they are moneymakers...and this software is as pushbutton as it can be...are you going to sit there and wait?...im not...thanks guys awesome stuff you got here...
- Rodrigo Werner
Originally Posted by Jscchultzbiz

"this is really a no brainer. "

Wow, this is an insane deal! I'm in! Im out of town for a couple of weeks so I won't get to check it out right away, this is really a no brainer. Thanks a bunch!

- Jscchultzbiz
Originally Posted by RobBurnsBrain
"I just may add a few zeros on the bottom line"

I have been building out and cashing in on micro continuity sites for a while now. It takes me on average 30 - 45 from start to finish and my build out cost are in the thousands. I know Bill personally and he only puts out great products. I am definetly going to try this out and for only $17, I just may add a few zeros on the bottom line of an already super successful business!
- RobBurnsBrain
Originally Posted by PositiveVibe
"This is truly an awesome tool "

This is truly an awesome tool because it allows you to quickly and easily create membership sites that are of a massively high standard, allowing you to rake in serious amounts of cash on a residual basis. Believe me I've spent many hours faffing about with all kinds of membership plugins and frameworks, it can be torture. This turns creating a membership site into a short process of a few clicks. Can't wait to put this to further use, thanks guys.
- PositiveVibe
Originally Posted by Derek Allen
"I'm All Over This"

I'm all over this! Actually, I was going to launch a WSO of my own tomorrow but I'm putting it off just so I can recommend this. I think this could help so many people! Awesome job.
- Derek Allen
Originally Posted by thirty3downtrial
"I'll be recommending this to my crew.*..."

Looks great guys!*Digging the entire setup.
Not only am I picking up a copy, I'll be recommending this to my crew. This looks very cool and I'm super excited about the possibilities for local business memberships.
- Thirty3Down

Originally Posted by Noah Hammond
"What an incredible value and offer...lol this is just insane!"

What an incredible value and offer...lol this is just insane! I'm in. Thanks for the awesome value drop, can't wait to play around with my new toy
- Noah Hammond

Originally Posted by GoGetta
"this is a NO BRAINER at this price!"

Awesome WSO! I have several plans mapped out this year when it comes to membership sites, and this tool will undoubtedly make those plans much easier. There is stacks of profits to be made when it comes to membership sites, and they are much easier to run than many marketers think. If you are considering the route of profiting with a membership site, this is a NO BRAINER at this price!
- GoGetta
Originally Posted by Sam England

" This has to be one of the best WSO's I have seen in a long time"

Total of 3 sites for $17 bucks...this is insane...I can't believe you all are selling it so dang cheap...did you forget to take your meds today? MemberSnap is literally a "SNAP" to set up...Push Button Easy... This has to be one of the best WSO's I have seen in a long time...super great job guys...
- Sam England

Originally Posted by Seth Bias
"seriously the best thing if you've ever wanted to rock out a membership site"

This software is seriously the best thing if you've ever wanted to rock out a membership site... Push button basically. Anyone on the fence about it you will not find anything like this for this special Warrior Price. These guys are Beasts!
- Seth Bias
Originally Posted by Mark Lyford
"recurring income is the best type of income online"

Looks great guys, Im going to tell everyone about this Membership recurring income is the best type of income online
- Mark Lyford

Originally Posted by zenheizer
"Awesome job!!!! "

It looks really good. My partner and I have been looking for this kind of solution. We will be launching a product in about a week and we will definite include a membership site for the product for continuity and recurring income. We are in. Awesome job!!!!
- zenheizer


Hey Warrior,

Look, I don't know you personally, but I do know this:

You're here because you're not happy with your income... and maybe you're pissed because nothing seems to work for you, right?

But have you ever asked yourself...

Why haven't you made six figures online yet?

I've been making money since dial up internet days... and I can tell you, it isn't getting any easier for the little guy or gal.

In fact, these days, it takes a TON of money, time and skills to build a real business online, unless you have a shortcut.

No WONDER you're struggling!

You've got all these moving parts...

And that's before you've even started looking for traffic.


Can't you see how ridiculous the has become?

Can't you see how the game is rigged?

Can't you see how little chance most people have these days?

How can anyone expect to make money online this way, especially when you're dealing with screaming kids, a day job, and so much technical jargon it feels like you're studying for a job at NASA?

Don't beat yourself up... it's clearly not your fault.


Hi, my name is Bill McIntosh and I'm part of the millionaire's crew over at JobCrusher.com.

Along with big name marketers Eric Louviere and Matt Gill, we've been showing total beginners how to quickly start 5 and 6 figure businesses online in a matter of weeks, from nothing.

We've been doing this stuff since the late 90's, before most people owned a personal computer, let alone an internet connection, and there's one thing that we've discovered the long and hard way:

Look, I can't promise you millions of dollars overnight with membership sites, but I can show you some recent examples of what our secret weapon is capable of:



YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

Just imagine: if YOU could create these 
monthly cash machines, like Bill did, 
at the push of a button?

Just push a few buttons in a control panel and BOOM, you've got yourself a professional website complete with content, squeeze pages, free reports, products, sales pages, in a snap.

Would you be interested?

Well hold onto your seat, because all of this IS possible, thanks to...


This is where you create your membership websites, with push button simplicity.

In this central command center, you have total control over how your membership sites make money, with so many features it will make your head spin:

PLUS... when you join Membersnap today, you get:


Tired of researching niche markets? Hate creating products? Can't sell to save your life?
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MemberSnap puts YOU in total control from day one, which means:


To be honest, we don't care how you make money with this, as long as you use this software for ethical and legal purposes.

Whatever you decide to do with your new membership sites, we guarantee that you will NOT find a faster, easier and more affordable way than with MemberSnap.

But let's not get too carried away here...



Look, we are just about SICK of the BS claims in this industry, and we know you probably are too.

Sure, we could sit here and tell you how many millions we've made over the years, how Eric has bought and paid for beautiful house overlooking the gorgeous hill country and Lake Travis, outside of Texas.

And sure, we could write page after page about how our students have gone on to make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, quit their jobs and live their dreams.

But you wouldn't give a crap, right?

We don't blame you.

Because we get it... we know that all you care about right now, is how much money YOU can make from MemberSnap, right?

Well, here's the truth: Even though MemberSnap DOES eliminate 99.9% of the hard work and learning curves, we will not promise you an exact income...

Why? Because we don't know what you'll do with the website once you've launched it.

We don't know if you're too lazy to get out of bed all day, or even sit down and push a few buttons to make this work.

But here's what we DO know:

With just one ready-made membership site up and running today, using MemberSnap, here's a realistic projection of how much money you could be making from it, each month:

You starting to see the big picture here?

Do you think you could get between 2 and 10 people to buy a premium product and join your membership, that solves a desperate problem they have?


Especially when the products are RED HOT, and the sales copy is professionally written by true pros in this business.

Look, we've tested the ready-made niches you can get started with, and we KNOW the ready-made products are in huge demand.

All you have to do, is tell us where to send your customer's payments.

So, how much would you pay for a site that made you $50 per month?

How much would you pay for a site that made as much as $100, 300 or even $500 per month?

If you did this the hard way, you'd have to pay thousands for designers, copywriters, researchers, writers, coders, templates, software...

... but you don't have to do this the hard way!

Because for a very limited time, we're giving you full access to Membersnap Warrior Edition, for just:


“I was sold at any price!”
“I have been using the membership program for a few months now and am impressed on how easy it is to set up a membership program and find success online. A full on membership site with an affiliate site including all website content and products? I was sold at any price!”

~ Terri Bork

Just think about that for a second...

... a tiny investment of just a few bucks, for something that has the potential to save you thousands of dollars in usual costs...

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Hmm, are you starting to see the potential here?

And to make this even MORE of a no-brainer, we're backing this all up with...

Your 100% job-crushing guarantee

At Job Crusher, we believe everybody deserves the opportunity to kiss goodbye to their day jobs, and live the kind of "kick back" lifestyle we all enjoy.

Membersnap is the boat that will get you across the water...

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From day one, you're protected with a 
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You can see for yourself, just how fast and easy it really is to create membership websites in a snap, without any skills or experience.

And if you're not totally convinced, we'll refund your tiny investment here today, in full, with no questions asked.

But we're convinced that you'll 
never look back, after all...

1500 people can't be wrong, can they?

The first time we released MemberSnap, it was to a private group of people.

Today, over 1500 people use MemberSnap to create money making membership sites that plough cash into their bank accounts every single month.

Why are so many people 
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After all, if just one site can easily pull in a few hundred bucks a month, and it only takes a couple of minutes to build, how many sites would you create today?


How can we be so sure that MemberSnap will be easy, fast and profitable for you, just like it has for 1500 other people?

Well, it's because...


Hate to say it, but MemberSnap is just too powerful to be given away for a few measly bucks all day.

Besides, we're truly dedicated to our existing users, which means we cannot take on a whole bunch of people or we would lose touch and get way overstretched.

And with 1500 existing and loyal customers over at Job Crusher, we're not willing to open the floodgates for too long.

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Your tiny investment today gets you:

Can you afford NOT to exploit this?

Remember, creating a substantial online business usually takes months of technical hassles, thousands of dollars, tons of time to research and create products, plus a major steep learning curve that drains most people's energy before they've even made their first buck.

** With MemberSnap, you bypass all the technical crap, all the writing, all the research, and all the hurdles that keep you from your pot of gold.**

And we're here to stay... we've been in business for over a decade, and with 1500 existing customers, we know how to make sure you become the next internet success story too.

And if you're not immediately convinced, then you're protected by our NO BS, 100% 60 day guarantee, just for good measure.

So my advice?

BUY NOW, before you let someone else jump ahead and take your spot...




Q: Why should I create membership sites – isn't it easier to just be an affiliate these days?

Sure, you could just become an affiliate and post your links on random blogs and social media sites, but good luck making a secure income for you and your family in 6 months from now (affiliate programs go down, you only take a small cut of the sale, you have no control. Wouldn't you rather have affiliates promote your products instead?)

Affiliates are getting crushed... and the only affiliates who survive are the ones who already have their own products and/or email lists.

Q: Are there any hidden costs?

Nope. We provide you with all the tools you need to create live membership sites that are ready to start pulling in cash for you. The only costs are your own domain name, which is about $10 a year.

Q: How quickly can I start making money?

That depends on you. we've saved you at least 2-3 months of work getting started, so you're already way ahead of the crowd. We can't tell you exactly when you'll start making money, because we don't know how soon you'll get started with your sites. but know this – with MemberSnap, it's way quicker than going it alone. There's no reason why you can't see your first sale this week though.

Q: If other people are getting the same ready-made sites as me, won't I get penalized by Google?

This is a myth. Google's "duplicate content" rule refers to websites that have the same content within it. For example, a blog that has identical blog posts, word for word, on the same domain. We've seen many marketers get their sites ranked in Google using ready-made PLR content, so we know you can too.

Q: What if I want to leave – what happens to my sites?

If you want to stop using the MemberSnap control panel and all its features after 12 months, then that's cool. All of your membership sites are 100% your own... you have full control and rights to download the files to your computer, and move your sites to a new webhost and/or domain.

Q: Can't I just do all this with Wordpress plugins?

Many people will tell you the answer is Wordpress... and how easy it is to create websites and make money with it...

But if you've tried to "cheat" your way to riches with Wordpress, you'll already know that it's a TOTAL BALL ACHE.

Suddenly you're buying and installing plugins... screwing around with code... hiring designers... and that's just the beginning.

And besides, what about the rest of the stuff, like creating a product, setting up an order system, creating secure download pages... and on, and on, and on...

Do you really have the time for that?

You've seen how easy it is with Membersnap...

Just point and click, and you're done... with monthly cash machines that are already loaded with products, content, emails and complete designs.

But this won't be around forever, so grab your spot now, before it's gone ...

Originally Posted by erinabatchutski
" I have 11 customers already and getting 200% of my investment."

Thanks a lot for giving us an insight about membership site. Actually, I have purchased this few days ago and now implementing it. So far I have 11 customers already and getting 200% of my investment. I strongly recommend guys that you try this out. It really works!
- erinabatchutski
Originally Posted by Kenster
"DAMN...this is one helluva deal...I mean STEAL!!"

DAMN...this is one helluva deal...I mean STEAL!!! I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of setting up recurring passive income streams MemberSnap literally takes all the hard work out of setting up passive money making machine membership sites!
- Kenster
Originally Posted by John Thornhill
"My advice, go get it."

I've had the chance to check this offer out and it's a great deal that I'll be letting my subscribers know about soon. My advice, go get it.
- John Thornhill
Originally Posted by Carlz Preza
"This is awesome! "

This is awesome! I'm in the process of adding this kind of business model in my IM Business. Thanks A LOT!!!
- Carlz Preza

Originally Posted by DJsMarketing
"Can't wait to get started."

I am in Bill. Just purchased it. Can't wait to get started.
- DJsMarketing

Originally Posted by wizard1222
"Looks like a wonderful opportunity to have great "Time-Leverage""

Looks like a wonderful opportunity to have great "Time-Leverage" in the cloning of these ready made sites....
- wizard1222
Originally Posted by GerryMedia
"Membersnap will allow me to scale operations and take my biz to the next level!"

I joined Membersnap when it was beta in January, and I have to tell that Warriors are being pampered with this offer right here. I myself had to take advantage of this offer including the unlimited license option. Membership sites play an important role in my business but it really takes a lot of work to build them from scratch, so Membersnap will allow me to scale operations and take my biz to the next level!
- GerryMedia
Originally Posted by Ryan K
"$17....? DANG!!! "

$17....? DANG!!!
- Ryan K